Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week one...

     So at the end of our first week we find ourselves sprawled on our blow up matress (yes we still have to buy a real bed) looking at our ALMOST furniture-less apartment haha. friday we bought a disheveled looking dresser that was missing a few knobs and looking like it came out of an abandoned building and in need of a little TLC. $50 and two days later we have a beautiful looking white dresser with two kinds of silver knobs. Fantastic! We now have one piece of furniture WOOHOO!!!! haha. Oh and our living room is finished being painted a lovely sky blueish color. Now time for the other 4 rooms plus two closets.
     Work wise we are both doing great! I started my first week of real teaching (meaning I'm now getting paid...well in three weeks I'll get paid hahah)!!!! It was great so far the kids are really polite and well mannered (its still the honeymoon period with them so hopefully it doesn't get too bad) they all complete their work except for a select few who I'm sure I will get to know really well :). As for Jess she began her nannying position with a wonderful southern family taking care of two amazing young boys who are hilarious. After helping her for an afternoon I can safely say that they are two of the best behaved children in SC maybe in ME too haha. She also started her first week of her EMT course which has been a little harder than she thought at first. She actually has to read and maybe even study a little haha. I don't think she realized what she signed up she did but it will take a little work. Over all we are doing amazing and I can only hope it keeps getting better and better!!!
     Story time: so friday night there was supposed to be a hurricane. We didn't prepare ourselves at all despite school closing and people in downtown charleston boarding up some windows. Turns out we had about an hour of rain and maybe gusts of 30mph....we thought we were going to die haha. Actually we went out to dinner to this little place called Toast (actually its a tourist trap haha) but we LOVE it because there are BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS!!! can you say buzzed?! :) we walked down to the water and had a fantastic evening it wasn't even windy. The only downside to the evening was Jessica's blisters she had from her recently repaired shoes...6 inch high heels insane. how anyone can walk around in those and not fall over is beyond me. Anyway time for dinner and getting some school work done hope NE is amazing as always!!

-John (and Jess but i wrote it) :)

Here is the dresser :)

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  1. Congrast John and Jess for making it to South Carolina and getting comfortable! Happy to be reading your blog and living vicariously thru your new life!
    PS, Jess: Brooke is sporting quite a few Jessica hand me downs these days. Thank you! :) Sue
    Oh and if you would like to check out Irene from Chatham, click on my blog for the past 2 days!