Saturday, August 20, 2011

On the Road

Today was an epic journey! We left Maine at 8am but of course didn't actually get on the highway til 9 haha. The first few hours went by quickly and soon we were waving goodbye to Maine and counting the "Welcome To _____" signs. Funny enough, we realized we wouldn't be seeing many of these states for at least 4 months (our poor mothers are probably crying reading that sentence -- love you!).

We made it to Ashland, Virginia when we couldn't stand our numb butts any longer. Camped out in a Holiday Inn, instead of sleeping we are blogging. Why? 'Cause we are still college students at heart and can't go to bed before midnight on principle. Also, we figured this was easier than sending a thousand individual notes to a million people about our Charleston adventures! Needless to say we are excited and anxious to get to Charleston and off of Rte. 95! Empty apartment with no furniture -- here we come! 14 hours from now (12:06am) we will be pulling up to our driveway cheering for joy and doing our happy dances :)

Now time for bed! Busy day tomorrow!


  1. ms are definately crying! but then I remember I'm turning Jess' room into an office/guestroom and I guess i'll do a happy dance for you guys!So glad you arrived in good time...have fun at walmart and unpoacking all Jess' clothes!Hahaha
    Love, Mom(lucas)

  2. Yea! On your way! Can't wait to follow your journey to Charleston and all your great adventures once there. We are settling into our own here in France and will keep you posted too. Congratulations John on your new job.xxoo Nance